Ultimate Mastery Programs

Our Ultimate Mastery Programs are the catalyst your leadership or management teams need to reach new heights. With a focus on long-term growth, our programs are carefully designed to be run over multiple days and weeks, ensuring a deep-seated understanding of the concepts and strategies taught. We follow a proven model for our Ultimate Mastery Programs, but rest assured, we can tailor the program to align perfectly with your unique organizational goals and objectives. Prepare to unlock your team’s full potential with our Ultimate Mastery Programs.

Here is a glimpse of the content we incorporate into our Catalyst Learning mastery programs.

Management Workshop

Using Everything DiSC® Management Profile™

At Catalyst Learning, we believe in empowering managers with the knowledge and skills to optimize their team’s potential. Our training program equips managers with the tools they need to understand, connect, and motivate employees based on their unique DiSC profiles. By embracing this tailored approach to leadership, managers can foster a positive work environment that promotes individual growth, enhances team dynamics, and drives overall success.

10 Behaviours of Deliberate Success

Delivered over two intensive days, the 10 Behaviours Workshop is highly engaging, content rich, and practical.

Typically delivered to groups of no more than 16 people, the workshop teaches the 10 Behaviours with a focus on how they apply to achieving greater success in professional and personal life.

Two weeks following the workshop, each participant has a private coaching session with the facilitator to review progress and plan for future success.

When you attend a workshop, you receive an extensive workshop kit and resources which enable you and your team to continue learning beyond the workshop.

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