Dynamic 1/2 Day Experiences

Our innovative, insightful, and interactive team-building expertise delivers  half-day experiences that are thoughtfully designed to ignite growth and collaboration. Embark on an invigorating journey of transformation, as our dynamic and captivating sessions empower you and your team to unlock your true potential. With our fast-paced, relevant and interactive approach, we develop and enhance valuable skills that seamlessly translate into your workplace.

Catalyst Learning In Action

Conference Workshop

Presenting to 400 people at TAPS conference. Topic was on Leadership. A highly interactive workshop approach was taken to keep the learners engaged.

Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Held in Newnes this bootcamp had us delivering activities to embed content. These activities could be up to two hours in duration. They are highly relevant, engaging and fun.

Team Offsite

Being a part of your strategy session or offsite has had us set the tone for the meeting. We can break up the meeting with relevant sessions to keep your team enthused and engaged.

Team Building

Get your leadership or management team together and have them experience engaging, purposeful activities that can be transferred back into the workplace.

Topics Include

Discovering your DiSC style Understanding others Building effective relationships
Directing and delegating Building a motivational environment

How to manage conflict

Understanding EQ strengths

Recognise your EQ Potential Team building

Coaching & Mentoring

Giving Feedback Communication Skills

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